Hi there! I’m a high school student by day, web developer¬†by night, and this is my portfolio. I live in New York, go to boarding school in Boston, and I like shirley temples. (And eating in the city.) I started freelancing my website design and developing skills in 2013, and have been doing making new web software and designing great websites ever since. Click on the word portfolio above to see my previous work, then look at the top for my contact info.


I offer a one-stop-shop for all your online business needs:

Create a center for your online presence allowing visitors to receive more info and contact you
Develop software you need for your website to grow
Manage the technical side of your website and leave you to your business

“My only concern before hiring you was if you were going to be able to deliver. I was surprised that you were very skilled and knowledgeable about web design at such a young age. Most people that go to school for web design (and coding) don’t know as much as you. I would recommend Evan Mays’ services. He delivers a quality product and is very responsive to any and all questions that his clients may have and he does good business overall.” – Alonzo Holmes, Beatfaktory.com